Sherif Mohamed Mahmoud Ahmed: "...With the COVID-19 pandemic, employee health is the cry of the business world at the moment…These problems cripple motivation of workforce and to deliver its best....It is for this reason why employers must pay close attention to office workers’ health problems…"

• Shouk Hadad: "...Through experience and spending a long time in house quarantine during the Corona pandemic, I discovered that pollution in closed areas (buildings) can be more than pollution outdoors...."

• Simge Kaynar: "...Insufficient ventilation in the built environment, indoor environment air pollution, chemical caused by indoor or outdoor environment pollutants, such as insufficient lighting and sound insulation factors affect our health..."

• Simge Sahin: "...Although it is not possible to restrict users in a public place, it can be useful to create different areas or different time zones according to the user typology..."

• Sinem Sude Kasimi: "...Since COVID-19 emerged in our country, it has caused changes in every aspect of life. It has enabled us to switch to the new life order, wear masks, used disinfectants and lead us to more online life..."

• Sude Kan: "...COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to substantially change the world and redefine the norm of people day-to-day living. There is no clear vision of how long this crisis will remain, also what other similar challenges the future is holding that can put humanity as vulnerable as today..."

• Pasin Kadioglu: "...COVID is neither the first problem facing human beings nor will it be the last…Architects and interior designers should pay attention to the mental health of people even if it is a priority to take care of their physical health with the decisions they make…"

• Yasin Okuyucu: "...Since many buildings have been closed since mid-March, there is a chance of bacteria has built up in some buildings' plumbing systems. The CDC shared guidelines to help prevent bacteria's spread in water systems as buildings reopen..."

• Yusa Ahmet Oztabak: "...Important issues such as the more functional use of each space and the presence of study rooms have become the main problems that architects and designers need to solve in the new normal...."

• Zehra Omeroglu: "...A new way of life forced the majority of people to change their social habits, such as quarantine, reduction of social meetings and physical communication....A new way of life forced the majority of people to change their social habits, such as quarantine, reduction of social meetings and physical communication. Various spatial indoor services and functions are key to combat the lack of human productivity..."

• Zeynep Betul Ozer: "...Until a few years ago, our homes were our most private living spaces that made us feel safe and strengthened our communication with family and friends. After the pandemic, the situation has changed somewhat. The places we found comfortable before started to affect us psychologically. If I set an example from myself, my room was my favorite place to hang out. In the online system, the situation is reversed..."

• Zeynep Dinler: "...More than ever there is a need for more and larger outdoor natural public spaces. Numerous studies have shown that the presence of greenness and visits to green space can reduce stress and improve restoration of the brain, and thereby improve mental health...."

• Zisan Soyal: "...since the libraries are crowded spaces and people are constantly touching the books or anything else, there is no system to disinfect them...."

• Elif Deniz: "...The absence of opening window systems in offices located in multi-story buildings, which are increasing rapidly today, prevents natural air circulation in the interior. In this case, humidity and heat balance cannot be achieved in the interior, and the deteriorated air quality can create various physical and psychological problems on employees..."