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© Meral Ekincioglu


Dr. Ekincioglu has been working on her visual collection on modern and contemporary history of Cambridge - Boston architecture.
“Man is not important. Humanity is what counts, to which, I feel, I have given my contribution. Humanity shall continue without me, but I am not going away. I am not leaving you. Every time you see some tree tops moving in the wind, you will think of me. Or you will see some beautiful flowers; you will think of me. I have never been a very religious man, not in the formal way, but each time I took a walk in the woods, I felt the presence of a superior force around me.” (*)

Harry Bertoia

Harry Bertoia (1915-1978), designer of metal leaves behind Eero’s altar at the MIT non-denominational Chapel.

(*), accessed on 11/4, 2017.