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Trained as an architect, I am a scholar with a Ph.D. degree and my scholarly endeavor is based on problem-centered research in architecture. More specifically, I am a scholar in postwar architecture history and the subjects of my current academic study are politics of gender, multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion in my expertise field. In this respect, I conducted my advanced academic research project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, History, Theory and Criticism of Architecture Program for two years (1) after my Ph.D. degree in Architecture at Istanbul Technical University. My scholarly project brings into focus a critical insight into the politics of gender in institutional policies, academia, the profession, education, history and history-writing, and examines cross-cultural relations and transnational (design) practice in postwar architecture. Following my productive research process at MIT, I am currently developing the manuscript for my book, and conducting my new research project to “unfold” hidden and silent voices of underrepresented communities in multicultural context of (the US) architecture (history).
Based on my advanced academic and archival research during my studies at the MIT-HTC Program, I presented my scholarly project and findings at the MIT-HTC Program (2016), the International Women in Architecture Symposium at Virginia Tech. (2017), the MIT-Women’s and Gender Studies Program Intellectual Forum Series (2017), the Women’s Studies Speaker Series organized by Center for the Study of Women and Society at the CUNY-Graduate Center (2017), Harvard University for a talk series organized by New England Turkish Student Association (2017), the 71st Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) - Annual International Conference where I was awarded by a SAH Fellowship (2018), and  was a panelist at “A Convergence at the Confluence of Power, Identity and Design” organized by the Women in Design Group at the Harvard University, Graduate School of Design (2018).
In addition to my presentations and talks on my expertise field, I was invited to “A Square and Half - The Colors, A Tribute by Ivaana Muse” as a panelist at the MIT Museum (2018), presented my recent research study and findings at WikiConference North America at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2019), and at the 51st NeMLA Convention titled “Shaping and Sharing Identities: Spaces, Places, Languages and Cultures” organized at Boston University (2020). On my most recent research project, my conference abstract was officially accepted by "Midwest Archives Conference, Annual Meeting" (2020) (2).
Prior to these, I presented my papers at "Media in Transition 5 and 6", two international conferences organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Comparative Media Studies (2007 and 2009), and discussed historical progress of professional architectural journalism, the important role of journalistic criticism in postwar Turkey, and recent developments in architectural media in the country.
In my expertise field, I am an author and a contributor of two international publication projects on women architects (forthcoming 2021). In order to stimulate critical awareness of gender and women in architecture (in its profession, practice, education, history and historiography), and to give an impetus for new collections in those fields, I created and developed the collection, "Women in Modern and Contemporary Territories of Turkish Architecture" at MIT. Conducted for Archnet, online source of MIT and named one of the top 20 architecture websites by the Global Grid in 2016 (3), this is the first project on documenting the leading figures of the first and the second generations of Turkish women architects as a digital collection, open to international scholars and based on my scholarly research, literature review and texts. In addition, I am a certificate holder by Consortium for Graduate Studies, Gender, Culture, Women & Sexuality (GCWS) at MIT.
As a special Turkish fellow, I began my Ph.D. dissertation research at the Harvard University, Aga Khan History of Art and Architecture, Ph.D. Program in 2006, conducted it for 10 months, and continued this advanced academic research at the Columbia University, Graduate School of Planning and Preservation, Ph.D. Program as a research scholar (2008-2009). Based on my dissertation research at Harvard and Columbia universities, I completed the first Ph.D. dissertation on the practice history of Tekeli-Sisa Architecture Partnership (1954, Istanbul-present) and obtained my Ph.D. degree in Architecture at Istanbul Technical University in 2011. My secondary academic fields are sociology, theory and the modern history of the architecture profession, modernization of architectural design practice, relationship between the design architect and the client, and their historical thresholds in postwar Turkey.
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International Affiliations
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Columbia University
Harvard University 
Expertise Fields
Women & gender, politics of gender, cross-cultural relations and transnational (design) practice in postwar architecture (with an emphasis on feminist encounters between the US and Turkish architecture through a specific research problem and the time period).
Secondary Academic Research Fields
Theory, (modern) history and sociology of the architecture profession, architectural (design) practice, architectural partnerships in professional practice, architectural design practitioner-client relations in the postwar period.
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• The Middle East Studies Association (MESA) of North America (2020-present; 2017-2018)

• Association for Middle East Women's Studies (AMEWS) (2020-present)

• Society of American Archivist (2019-2020) 

• The Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) (2018-2019; 2014-2015)

• Northeast Modern Language Association

• Friend of Boston Society of Architects

• World Architecture Community
(honorary member) (2008-present)

Harvard Neighbors (2006-present)

• The MIT’s Women League (2014-present)

• The MIT Women Chorale (2006-2007).