My Upcoming Online Class:

Responsive Architectural Design for Natural Disasters

Date: July 27, 2024; Saturday
Time: 9.00 am - 10.40 am; EST Time Zone. (with 10 min. break)
Registration: It is limited with maximum
20 participants.
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Learning Objectives:

• Natural Disasters in the 21st Century
• Fundamental architectural design principles for natural disasters, resilient architectural building structure and space design principles, details, materials
• Emerging technologies for natural disaster resilient architectural buildings in the 21st Century

Learning Program Structure:

• Lecture by Meral Ekincioglu, Ph.D. in architecture
•  Questions & Answers
• Supplemental Learning Resources & Glossary
• Educator Survey

• Upon high interests in my remote lectures on (post-pandemic) architecture, interior and urban design strategies since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and many questions by graduate and undergraduate students in these disciplines, I and my team have been working on scheduling my remote courses for weekends. Our learning program is going to offer certificate of completion for accomplished students who take our 12 classes. With your coffee or tea, let's connect for "infinite" learning on the 21st century architecture!
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• If you would like to benefit from “Individual Modules” of my responsive teaching on post-pandemic architecture and design strategies with most recent scientific knowledge resources in these fields;
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From one of my architecture students:
“Dear Professor, thanks for your care and engagement with us throughout the academic term. I will never forget your love of teaching and your kindness to us. Our lessons have always been very enjoyable. It has been very valuable for me to learn the most recent knowledge that can support our professional career and practice directly and from such a valuable scientist like you. We have not had such an educator caring and with patience who wants us to learn as much as you have done. That is why I wanted to thank you. I hope I can use this knowledge (from this course) in a valuable way by blending and learning much more. I hope one day I will have the opportunity to work with you and learn from you face to face. I am so grateful for the opportunity to get to know you and to take this course. I hope this lesson will not be our last meeting. Take care of yourself. Thank you again for your effort, care, patience and kindness.”
Beren Su Cakmakoglu
“…There may be no full return to our familiar ‘normal.’…” (*)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Task Force 2021 Opening Charge
Let’s connect for “infinite” learning on the 21st century architecture!
I am a passionately committed, responsive and  inclusive educator in architecture (design) with my practice-oriented, social mindset and a holistic view considering its multidisciplinary and multisectoral nature intertwined with all design-centered disciplines and their (professional) practices. My current teaching vision and pedagogy in architectural design have being nurtured from the pioneering and innovative (scientific research, teaching and learning) ecosystems of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard and Columbia universities at where I have built my exemplary scholarship in architecture.
Primary goal of my current teaching practice and student-centered, inclusive pedagogy is a. to equip my architecture (and design-centered) students with essential and most recent scientific, architectural and design-centered disciplines' knowledge resources on (post-pandemic) our living environments, and b. to co-build their confidence to put their knowledge, creative skills and human-centered resolutions into the existing reality of the built environment in the 21st century. In today’s challenging and complex world, I strongly think that teaching in architecture (and in design-centered disciplines) should consider:
a. the survival of our planet with respect to environmental resources
in a sustainable way,
b. human being's basic individual and collective physical, social, cultural, emotional needs,
c. "equity and justice" for everyone including historically underrepresented
and minority communities in society,
d. resiliency and responsive design formulations for climate emergency and natural disasters,
d. reality” of (post-pandemic) architecture design practice (instead of speculative scenarios in architecture),
e. emerging technologies in architecture and design with "human first" understanding.
Current topics in my teaching practice are:

• Architecture, Interior and Urban Design for Climate Emergency and Climate Justice
• Fundamental Architectural Design Principles for Resiliency against Natural Disasters
• Public Health Design Formulations for Architecture of Food Sector
• Architecture Design for Urban Agriculture and Food Equity
• Essential and Emerging Post-pandemic Design Principles of Hospitals
• Essential and Emerging Post-pandemic Design Principles
of Healthcare Facilities
• Essential Seismic Design Principles and its Practice in Architecture
• Alternative Energy Sources and their Integration into Architecture Design
• Public Health Design Formulations for Architecture and Interiors of Education Buildings
• Public Health Design Formulations for Architecture and Interiors of Work Environments
• Public Health Design Formulations for Healtcare Facilities in Rural Areas
• Public Health Design Formulations for Architecture and Interiors of
Senior Communities' Living Environments
• Health Technologies, Architecture Design and Public Health
• Public Health Design Formulations for Housing
• Essential Public Health Principles in Urban Design and Urban Resiliency
• Essential Desing Principles and Strategies for Urban Ecology and its Resiliency
• Environmental Humanities and Justice in Resilient, Healthy and Sustainable Architecture
(Environmental activism, environmental justice, environmental citizenship)

Throughout my teaching career, I have provided productive, effective and responsive research consultation, guidance and mentorship to my students, supported and prepared some of them for their international graduate education (in architecture and design-centered disciplines), created and developed several courses in architecture (in-person, remote, English), worked with a founding academic team at the intersection of architecture and urban design, co-created core curriculum in these two disciplines, assisted teaching communities with their inclusive course content developments, their teaching practice, organized and published research-based exhibitions, lectures, symposiums, talks, workshops, roundtable discussions, research tours, etc. It has always been an honor for me to receive positive feedback from my graduate and undergraduate students in architecture, interior and urban design thanks to my outstanding student-centered pedagogy, clear learning objectives, well-structured course contents, excellent knowledge on essential and most recent resources in architectural design, my full commitment to scientific integrity, practice-oriented mindset, positive and clear communication, never-ending knowledge exchange with them.
You can also contact me if you would like to improve your knowledge in (post-pandemic) architectural design thinking, its methods and formulations through “individual modules” of my courses.
Stay safe and take care!
(*) Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Task Force 2021 Opening Charge,, last accessed on 10.10.2022.