My Abstract Submission for SAH 2021 Call for Virtual Program *
“Historical Documentation in Architecture Education as Healing” 
Meral Ekincioglu, Ph.D.
MIT-HTC, visiting scholar
Columbia University, GSAPP, Ph.D. Program, research scholar
Harvard University, History of Art and Architecture, Ph.D. Program, special Turkish fellow
Society of Architecture Historians, member
Society of American Archivists, member (2019-2020)
Society of Architecture Historians, independent scholar fellowship (2018)
The Middle East Studies Association, member
As architecture education’s historic underperformance with respect to diversity, equity, inclusion and representation of intersectional identities has been clearly exposed by the global COVID-19 outbreak in the US, this virtual roundtable discussion aims to bring archivists and curators at some pioneering schools of architecture (1) together in the country, and to discuss what can be done for an effective and productive dialogue between multicultural architecture education and its historical documentation practice. Needless to say, diverse, equal and inclusive collective memory in architecture education has a very significant potential not only for dismantling historical systems of white and masculine privilege as the norm, but also for advancement of equitable pedagogy, diverse curriculums, feminist scholarship and justice-driven understanding in today’s architecture. Tracing a recent research project on this subject, (2) some latest data & surveys by ACSA, NCARB, AIA, etc., this roundtable discussion will shed light on a. what are long-held traditional practices, methods and policies in historical documentation of multicultural architecture education in the US and how to break down these traditions for more inclusive, diverse practice in this field; b. what are new factors to (re)describe the roles and responsibilities of archival programs, and special collections as a response to COVID-19 global outbreak and its influence on architecture education; c. how can we raise awareness of each other’s work (professionals in historical documentation, scholars and professors in architecture education); d. what are the expectations by archivists and curators from scholars, professors, and students in architecture education for more effective collaboration to support diverse, equal and inclusive historical documentation; and e. how to create detailed and regularly data on diverse historical documentation in architecture education, etc. In the end of this discussion, some suggestions by archivists and curators will be asked to take actionable steps for sustainable policies in the field. (300 words).
1, 2. Following archivists, curators and librarians are participants of research project by Dr. Meral Ekincioglu (2019-present), they will be invited to this virtual roundtable discussion. According to their schedule and written confirmation, Dr. Ekincioglu will share participants’ name-surname, and numbers to SAH.
•Architecture record archivist at the Yale University-School of Architecture;
•Special collection archivist at the Harvard University-Graduate School of Design;
•Librarian at the Princeton University- School of Architecture; 
•Curator at the architecture and design collections at the MIT Museum;
•Architecture, urban planning, and visual resources librarian at University of Michigan;
•Art, architecture & engineering library; head of special collections at University of Rice;
•Library manager at the Kappe Library-SCI-Arch;
•The director at Archives & Records at the American Institute of Architects (AIA), in Washington D.C.”
© Meral Ekincioglu, Ph.D.
* I submitted my abstract before the deadline and received its confirmation. For this virtual event,, last accessed on 10.10.2020.