Following my professional degree in architecture, I began to pursue my professional architectural design practice and worked on a broad range of programs including sport hall, residents, interior design, restoration as a project architect and a construction supervisor. 

• At the beginning of my professional career, I served as a construction supervisor for “The Sinan Erdem Dome”, one of the largest and multi-purpose indoor arenas designed by RTKL Assoc. Inc. Architecture Company (in the U.S.) in Atakoy, Istanbul.

In collaboration with other architects, civil and mechanical engineers, my responsibilities were to perform site visits regularly, meeting and negotiations with subcontracts and resolve any problems occurring on the construction site.

Designed for international and national sport events with high technology, the Sinan Erdem Dome has a steel roof structure construction, in a spherical shell form, with a dimensional span of 112 m × 154 m (367 ft × 505 ft) with its 16,000 seating capacity for basketball matches (16,457 seating capacity for tennis matches, and 22,500 seating capacity for concerts). Its architectural design project includes 34 VIP suits, 10 dressing rooms which are furnished in accordance with FIBA standards, 1 fitness center, referee rooms, FIBA observer room, multipurpose offices, 6 elevators and 2 disabled platforms. Awarded by Turkey’s “the Most Successful Real Estate Investments Competition/ Sport Complex” category, the dome is able to be used for volleyball and handball matches, concerts and several shows under favor of the telescopic mobile tribune system.

• Serving as a project architect at Otto Architecture Design Office in Nisantasi, Istanbul, I worked on interior design, renovation and restoration projects, such as several interior design projects in Etiler, Tesvikiye, Nisantasi districts of Istanbul (at the Platin Residences, etc.),  restoration project of the Austrian Consulate Annex Building in Istanbul, and the renovation project of villas in the Martı Holiday Village in Marmaris, Turkey, etc.

My responsibilities were meeting with clients to discuss their needs, functional and aesthetics expectations for projects, drafting design plans showing the placement of walls, windows, doors, plumbing, electrical systems, ventilation, structural accents and possibly furnishings, and supervision of the construction team until the realization of each project.

• Another architecture building project I served as a construction supervisor was “NTV Headquarter” in Maslak, Istanbul, a Turkish nationwide television news channel partnered with MSNBC between May 2000 and 2014. For this project, I supervised the construction team for the realization of TV studios and office rooms at the headquarter, such as integration of architectural design and the mechanical system, implementation of raised floors, sound isolation, selection of materials for the interior spaces, etc.

• I also worked as a team member of "the Yedikule section of the Land Walls and its towers’" restoration project under supervision of Prof. Dr. Zeynep and Prof. Dr. Metin Ahunbay, two professors at Istanbul Technical University in architectural history, preservation, restorations and two leading experts of the country in these fields.

Historical documentation of Kayakoy (a town consisting of Greek-style houses and churches from the 18th century and located in southwestern Turkey) under supervision of Prof. Dr. Gulsum Saglamer (Rector of Istanbul Technical University, 1996-2004) and Prof. Dr. Hulya Yurekli, Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture was the first project in my architecture to dive into architectural principles of a historical documentation practice. As an architecture team of this project, we documented architectural characteristics of houses and a church located in this historical town’s by comprehensive measured architectural drawings, sketches, photographs, in-depth archival research and close-reading on literature on the history of this town.

In addition, I have also conducted several interior design projects by combining my design thinking and professional practice experience in architecture.

Sinan Erdem Dome, Getty Image.