Hacking! COVID-19: Science in Architecture and Urban Systems for a Better World

As we have been going through a systemic transformation at the global scale due to the unprecedented effects of COVID-19 pandemic, architecture and urban systems are not exception within this challenging landscape. Although the unknowns about this infectious disease still abound, human-oriented scientific thinking, (advanced) technology and innovation seem to be decisive to lay the foundation for a healthy post-pandemic built environment, design thinking, production methods and practice of architects and urban designers. On this basis, this online lecture will focus on some recent inspiring scientific research projects related to physical spaces, built environment and cities that have been conducted by several labs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and MIT-Affiliated Companies for protection, prevention from COVID-19, and adaptation to post-COVID-19 way of life. Playing a key role in the development of many aspects of modern science and technology, the Institute has been operating with its mission of service to the world, and hacking important problems for betterment of humankind since its establishment (1861-present). With its community and affiliated companies, its response to COVID-19 for healthy physical spaces and cities invites us to reconsider the vital role of scientific thinking and research not only in public health and societal needs but also in architecture design thinking, its practice, education and their connections with relevant disciplines for a better world. In light of these issues, this online lecture aims to emphasize how to deploy architecture design and cities as active agents in the fight against this (coronavirus) pandemic, and the next one through the lens of science.


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